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Constantine Restaurant Julian Lloyd

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Constantine Restaurant Julian Lloyd

Constantine is the brain child of Head Chef Julian Lloyd. A born and bred Cornishman the inspiration behind his first solo venture lies in a lifelong passion to fishing, as he explains,

“Growing up with seafood made me appreciate this wonderful product so much. I have always enjoyed fishing, whether on a commercial boat or just dangling a line off the quay in Padstow trying (with mixed results) to catch a bass or plaice for dinner.”

With stunning views out over the Atlantic, Constantine aims to deliver the best local seafood, meat and produce fresh to your plate. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sights of the local fishermen working their pots in the distance as the waves roll in to Constantine and Booby’s Bays!

Please contact the restaurant on 01841 520208 to make a reservation. Prior booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

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